Subscription Commerce of Blake Orlandi, COO, Book of the Month Club

It’s difficult to define what exactly are the key ingredients for a successful business.  You need talented leadership and dedicated employees, a product or service that is sought after by others, a highly incentivized sales team, and of course a healthy marketing budget.  There are many challenges facing a business trying to succeed today, from developing a workable business model, finding the right location, obtaining funding, talent management and more.  It should not surprise that only approximately eighty percent of small businesses survive their first year in business, and by the second year of business only seventy percent are still around.  Looking ahead five years, only approximately fifty percent are still open for business.
This makes the success story of the Book of the Month Club all the more remarkable.

Subscription e-commerce: A business model

Business magazines and online platforms advertise business marketing events all around the world. The best way to participate in these events as a speaker or sponsor is to plan well in advance and contact the organization hosting the event.  In addition to marketing events, social media, online advertising and e-marketing have been launching platforms for many subscription-based businesses. These types of companies have become very popular, offering customers mystery merch boxes to shaving razors to beer by mail. These companies use a simple business model in which customers pay a subscription fee by selecting a certain frequency whereby they receive a product delivered to them at their home or office.

SUBCOM is one of the top marketing conferences with a goal to help those, regardless of the industry, develop a subscription-based e-commerce strategy. Experts go over how to successfully implement a subscription model that will increase retention, decrease spending, and drive high-profit margins. SUBCOM is the perfect conference to learn everything and anything about subscription commerce. There you might hear from Blake Orlandi, Book of the Month Club’s Chief Operating Officer, who has led the turnaround of Book of the Month Club from obsolescence to relevance for a new generation of readers.

While no single business model is right for every company, every product-based business should consider whether subscription-based commerce may be right for them. Business owners can all learn something from one of the experts of subscription-based commerce, Blake Orlandi, and how he and John Lippman, CEO of Book of the Month Club overhauled the sales and marketing strategy to help the company grow subscribers and turn a profit. This company has been helping book readers discover the very best books since 1926. The Book of the Month Club operates a monthly subscription program, where customers select one of five books recommended each month by a team of book lovers and editors.

Since Blake Orlandi joined the company a lot has changed in the publishing industry. The Book of the Year Award, in which the finalists are chosen by the Book of the Month Club’s members has proven to be a great public relations move attracting the attention of the mainstream media and shining a well-deserved spotlight on new authors and the Book of the Month Club.


Class Ring Tradition of Texas A&M University

A class ring (also known as a graduation, graduate, senior, or grad ring) is a ring worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation, generally for a high school, college, or university. A class ring is tradition and it is the cherished memory of alma mater for the student and his or her association with the alumni. Aggie class ringWearing of class ring is a popular tradition in many old American Universities that follow tradition set in the past.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is one of the oldest universities in the Texas state of North America which was founded in the year 1876. The admission was then restricted to white males only who were compulsorily required to attend military training, but this has become the thing of the past. Now, this University is open for the diversity of class, creed and religion. Today, Texas A&M is ranked 4th among national public universities in “Best Value Schools” category. Texas A&M is ranked among the leading universities in the United States research, service, social mobility, and contributions to society.

Texas A&M University class ring tradition

Like few other old American universities, Aggie class ringTexas A&M University has a tradition of Aggie class ring that dates back to 1889 when the first Rings featured the letters “AMC” intertwined on the crest. E.C. Jonas, Class of 1894, designed the Aggie Ring. The Ring remained usually unchanged except slight modification effected through 1933. However, the name on the Ring was changed in the year 1963 due to change of Texas A&M from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University.

Wearing class ring by the student

Wearing Aggie class ring at the specially organized ceremony is a great honor for the student. The Association of Former Students (alumni) leads a ceremony in which Aggies students turn their Rings around to face the world proudly, just as the Aggie graduate is now ready to face the world. The ceremonial tradition is same as it was commenced in the past.

Titanium Tubing: Good Choice Due to Low Density, High Strength & Corrosion Resistance

The planet earth is vast and has abundance of natural resources in its womb, many of them have been discovered, but some of them might still be unexplored. We make use of these naturally occurring elements in real-world applications. There are few elements that have more of less common properties and can be used in similar applications, but we choose some over other due to better performance. titanium tubingTitanium is an example of an element that can be transformed into metallic form and is used in similar application for which iron or steel was earlier preferred.

Replacing steel by titanium for tubing

There is a valid reason to replace steel by titanium in many applications. This is due to superior properties of titanium metal. This metal is lighter and stronger than steel, and also has strong corrosion resistance. This is the valid reason to replace steel tubing by titanium tubing. Titanium applications for tubing are quite common in in industrial, medical, manufacturing, aerospace, and military sectors.

Titanium’s Corrosion resistance good for tubing

Why titanium is better in performance over steel for tubing applications? titanium tubingNo doubt, properties of titanium are unique, it can be easily molded into any shape and form due to good malleability and ductility. Most tubing applications are meant for flow of liquid substances, many of them can corrode the internal surface of the tube, and can cause damage to it. But using titanium tubing is a safety due to high level of corrosion resistance of this metal. Titanium tube is specifically used in applications that involve contact with liquids. This is quite common in underwater tubing such as undersea applications, submarines, etc.

Titanium’s low density and high strength for tubing

Titanium’s application for tubing is beyond doubt because titanium’s use in process equipments such as process vessels, valves, tanks and heat exchangers is as good as underwater applications. There are more applications that make titanium tubing a good choice not because of corrosion resistance but because of low density and high strength.

Money in the couch is always better

A couch potato is a harmful phrase to be aimed at anyone. It might offend a person to whom the same has been targeted, and therefore, its careful usage is essential. People might seem interested in being the same couch potato, free sports picksand then spend their hours trying to avoid such remarks coming out of nowhere. Being a couch potato is not only irritating and annoying to some other person, who is being highly judgmental in such a scenario, but also it does no good to the person himself, who enjoys the riches of a relaxing life in a couch, watching some favorite sporting action live. Up to a certain point, it entertains the person relaxing, but after a while, it becomes annoying to him as well, just because the understanding of the fact that nothing is gainful in such a cause, wakes him up from his sleep.

However, the wunderdog portals say it is fun being a couch potato, and no more irritating vibes are needed to be dealt with, as productive process is on. free sports picksA person sitting in the couch can seriously try understand the sequence of actions taking place on the television, and then making bets over punting portals seems an easy task to perform. But it is suggested that just like a teacher, a sports handicapper should be consulted before making any further decisions about future performance of any sports pick. The free sports picks can be successful starters in this scenario, and sports handicapper might make things easier for the punter, by making sure further sports picks are introduced and sent to the punter. Therefore, the remarks of being a couch potato shall no longer be taken in an offensive manner, but could now be counterattacked in a sneaky way by introducing sports betting to those who do not understand the implication of being such a type of person.

Why Paid Sport Picks Are More Worthful Compared to Free Picks

Sports betting, especially online sports betting is a common activity in the modern time. There are more enthusiasts for this activity compared to any other recreational activity, especially if it is for gainful purpose. Sports betting is an activity that requires exceptional skill and knowledge in sports. Besides, a professional support is also important, if you are newbie in this activity. The tips from professional players play a great role to increase chance of success in sports betting. Sports Picks is a common type of professional support for an amateur sport bettor. If you are engaged in sports betting, there is a least possibility that you don’t understand this term.

Sports PicksA professional support in sports betting

In sports betting, Picks are provided by professional bettors to amateur bettors, and the latter enjoy advantages of this support for predictions and gainful purpose. Sports Picks are tips or say a type of tips that become a workable idea in certain situations. Most amateur bettors are surely losers, but these tips sometimes help them to achieve gains. The Picks are supplementary support that you expect in sports betting, and that is important too for an amateur bettor. You can make big by busing this little support. Now, you can understand why you should take tips from professional sports bettors.

Sports PicksPaid vs Free Picks

Sports Picks is a big business in contemporary time. The amateur bettors are ready to pay any price for Picks that can range from as low as $1 per pick to hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars for every Pick they take. There is no standard offer price because price range is based on the type of a tip and the reputation of its offeror. There are free Picks also, but that may not be as good as paid ones. You can make big money from Picks, and it’s better to rely on paid Picks for assured gains.

ETA visa, what you need to know

When it comes to visiting Australia, for a short travel visit, you could search online for ‘visa Australia and see which option suits you better. However if you happen to reside in one of those visa exempt nations (currently Australia has linked agreements to this effect with over 50 visa australianations, from Singapore to United States), then you can apply for an ETA. It is that simple and as the process is mostly conducted online, you would not be required to visit any Australian consulate to obtain your visa.

What is an ETA and what are the requirements?

An ETA is an electronic travel authorization where your passport is inked with a valid electronic travel authorization which enables you to travel down under, legally. Moreover an Australian ETA, which has been around since 1996, makes it easier for you to obtain a valid visa in order to travel to Australia. All that is required is that your passport is currently valid, that it has correct and pertinent information, and that you do not have any criminal history. A valid Australian ETA is a multiple entry visa, which is valid for 12 months. You can travel to Australia multiple times during this period for either travel or business purposes but you cannot use the same to seek visa australiaemployment down under.

So what happens if one overstays?

In case, you plan to stay in Australia for beyond 12 months, you would be granted a temporary extension of 3 months after which you would be required to head back to your native country. The ETA system is an interesting one as it makes travel all the more easier; you would no longer be required to wait in long queues at any Australian consulate offices or attend interviews to obtain your visa.

Mental Health Humiliation among Blacks and African American

February is the month of Black History celebrated across the United States and Canada, so this article will celebrate the Black History month by discussing mental awareness among the black communities. Basically, in the black populations, there is always a negative disgrace about mental health. Instead of adopting strategies to treat mental health conditions or seeking the help of psychologists, often this society resorts to the wrong path and eventually gets addicted to drugs and alcohol.

frocentric.comThis is apparently a really pathetic situation and most cases lead to self-destruction. However, many awareness programs are conducted through events that aim to help them solve problems. For instance, an event marketplace promotes events that focus on improving their emotional well-being.

Evidence and studies reveal that black has grown up in a culture that “men are not supposed to cry”. Therefore in order to mask their depression and anxiety and their inner emotional pain, they become victims of drugs and suffer more mental disorders. Apparently, Frocentric through their events, try their best to bring awareness among the black communities and help them vocalize their anguish and pain to close family and friends.

frocentric.comAccording to the Minority mental health reports, it is evident that among the black community population, around 20% of people likely to suffer serious psychological problems very much higher when compared to whites. Another shocking report says that due to racial discrimination and humiliation in middle school and high schools, many black teenagers take a hasty decision of either homicide or committing suicide unable to bear the emotional challenges.  In addition, many turn into victims of serious violent crimes.

Bottom Line

Although many awareness programs are created by many event planners like Frocentric, yet people should come forward to open up their mental challenges.

Online Hotel Search & Reservation App Is Better Than Search Engine Query

If you have made a trip, you might have experienced few problems in finding a hotel room on the destination in the absence of advance booking. If you are a frequent traveler, you may not take this risk because your experience can tell you how important is advance hotel reservation for your trip.

Efficient system of online hotel reservations

Reservations.comThe hotels, these days, have very efficient system of online reservation that is used by most travelers. Every good hotel has its own website and online reservation system on this site. You can make a tour of hotel and its rooms on its website and check tariffs and additional details online without interacting with a hotel staff. This is the activity you can do anytime by visiting a hotel website.

How to make online hotel reservation an easy way

In fact, an online hotel reservation system is must have for hotels these days. There are also hotel booking apps that people can use on their mobile phone for quick hotel booking anywhere, anytime.  Reservations.comYou might have heard of Trivago, Oyo, Goibibo, and many more that you can select for your hotel is also one popular site that is used by most people for individual as well as group hotel bookings. The site enlists over 500,000 hotels around the world to select based on your preferences. You can also select best deals. So, you can reserve hotel here at affordable price.

The benefits over search engine query

The fact that making reservation of a hotel through the agent is time-consuming, and moreover, the agent may not tell you the best deals sometimes, it is better to make search on your own. To ensure that time is not wasted by making query on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the system of automatic results has been designed that is much more convenient compared to search engine query results. It adds other benefits, apart from easy hotel reservation.

Reinventing a Fading Brand

John Lippman is a known name in the publishing and entertainment industry and had worked with major companies in the book and publishing sector like HBS and Evergreen Copyrights. Now he has taken upon himself a new role of re-launching and giving new life to a fading brand. He has recent bought rights to the Book of the Month club with the idea of revamping the classic book club by making it digital and offering great books from the popular fiction writers.

Going Digital

With most businesses now operating in the digital space Lippman’s idea of turning Book of the Month club in to a digital format makes sense as the revenue model of an online book club. The business model can be more fruitful than an offline club. Book subscribers can pay for monthly subscriptions and additional money for any extra services.

Moving customers to Bookspan

To achieve the task of shifting customers from offline to online, John Lippman used a wise strategy. He moved the existing customers of Book of the Month club to other book clubs that were under Bookspan while revamping the club. Once the club was totally online he re-launched the club in late 2015 and moved the subscribers there. The subscription plan for the Book of the Month club is at only $14.99. The business has started making revenues up to $2 million.

John Lippman is a self-confessed book lover and thus is giving his heart to this new venture. His idea to make Book of the Month club relevant to today’s generation comes at an interesting time as millennial are rediscovering reading in a new way. The book membership space needs renovation and with digital platform like Amazon coming handy there is a lot that can be done creatively to rekindle this generation s interest in reading.



The Things to Follow To Get Your Reservations Done Cheaply  

Making hotel reservations and bookings at cheap rates is really easy at present. The comfort level that you will get from these places, is similar to that of your own house too. by browsing through the internet, you will come across many websites that will provide you the way to book rooms in these hotels. Your time as well as effort will be saved when you book these hotels by using the discount coupons. There are loads of deals that these places have to offer to you. You need to choose the one that you require the most.

Reservations.comEarly bird

It is necessary for the travelers to make the bookings early. If the booking is not done early, then a lot of time would be wasted in looking for a place to stay. Chances of landing in a proper place would also be quite less in such a scenario. Most of the hotel rooms would provide you amenities such as breakfast as well as allow you to make use of bars and swimming pools. You can also request for additional beds. When you book rooms early, then you also become eligible for getting the special promotions.

Things to do

Reservations.comYou need to select a hotel which is quite near to your destination. Certain hotels set out conditions for the visitors to follow. You need to abide by the same or not stay at all in that place. Everything about hotels is listed in you can visit it by one click and get hold of all the information you require.

Getting rooms

You need to get a proper sized room inside the hotel. Most of the hotels are known to provide with easy reservations. By making your booking from a proper website, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.