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About the IFCJ and JDC

The IFCJ or the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is an organization that is meant to serve Jews in every part of this world. Given their tragic past, there is plenty of room for improvement and there is plenty of catching up to do with the rest of the world.

This is the intention with which Mr. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein set up the JDC (Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) way back when. Because of the similar nature of these two organizations, Mr. Rabbi was also a longstanding member of the IFCJ during his tenure.

Recent Activities

One of the most recent complications regarding these bodies and the way they function happens to be the fact that Mr. Yechiel Eckstein has passed away. It is obvious that the entire community is shocked by this news. After all, his contributions to Jewish society in general have been huge and will never be forgotten.


As is the nature of life, while old life goes away, new ones have to sprout out. The same way, while Mr. Rabbi Eckstein is now gone, someone else will have to fill up his shoes. If you are interested in knowing about such successions, then make sure to check out their official websites where every piece of news is posted.

The Overall Impact

If you truly want to know about the impact that such organizations have had on our society, make sure to check out some IFCJ reviews in order to make a proper judgement. There is plenty of work still left to be done but progress is being made slowly and steadily. You too can become a part of this if you want. Read up on how these things work and maybe you too can join their ranks one day.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, Rabbi with a Difference, Dies At 67  

A very few people in the current world had control over the Jews population as Yechiel Eckstein had in his lifetime of 67 which was recently cut short on 6th February. A journalist in his description of rabbi said he had similar command on Jews as the Jesus had.

The man who tried to make a difference: The famed Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein dedicated his entire in improving the life of the mass Jews population through his various organisations. The man was an Israeli American rabbi who succeeded in most of his goals with more than of controversy throughout his life. He worked for more than three decades to improve the life of his fellow Jews residing in America.

The healing touch

Rabbi Eckstein

The work of International Fellowship of Christian and Jews:  In his attempt to protect the interest of his descendants and also to make them financially reliant he set up an organisation called International Fellowship of Christian and Jews or IFCJ in 1983  with its headquarter in Jerusalem.

It’s believed the organisation raised as much as few billions of dollars to save the Jewish population in dire need of financial assistance. In several of his interview, Rabbi Eckstein never hesitated to share how his organisation got the donations from people.

IFCJ and beyond

The success of IFCJ and other successful campaigns: Most of the money came from small, generous donations from the evangelicals residing in the States. Before Eckstein, no one dared to walk down this path as the two faiths had a lot of mistrust between them and the Eckstein was successful in sorting those differences out.

His organisation was a grand success as the organisation helped to support Holocaust survivors to impoverished Israel citizens and the IFCJ reviews provide a seal of approval that the organisation was making a difference in the distressed mass of Jewish people. The other successful and a much-publicised campaign of the rabbi were ‘On Wings of Eagles‘, and its goal brought back the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel.

Bringing Innovation and Cleanliness in the Energy Resources by Roberto Casula  

In the corporate sectors of oil and mining industries, Roberto casula is a name everyone must know of. He was one of the brightest students born at Cagliari in 1962. Studying and graduating with mining engineering as his core subjects, he started to work in an innovative and corporate sector at ENI.

The Italian oil fields brought him his first job as the chief development engineer on the West African soil but soon returned to Milan being one of the coordinators of developing business in for the Middle East and also Africa.

Why such kind of a job?

Upon being asked why did he choose this kind of a job, all he had to say was, Roberto Casula always dreamt of working abroad which would enable and expose the man of honour to multiple cultural diversities and also allow his to learn and process through how the different people all around the world function. He also wanted to bring a change in the environment for what he is now most famous for.

What is the secret of his success?Roberto casula

He has always started off from the right place and at the right time. With the global dependency on the power energy resources uprising, Robert had planned on contributing something that would not only benefit the people but also help the environment to work and function properly.

He formulated the idea of cleaning and refining the oil that has been distributed worldwide further so that the overall emissions of the energy resources is minimised.

Roberto casula Eni set an example in the mining industry worldwide

He gives us the reason, why to choose such kind of industry. Working on something which drives the whole world and to bring a change in what is also damaging the world due to overexploitation is a huge contribution to the industry as a whole.

Working under a well-established company, Roberto casula Eni has proved to be one of the most honourable men in the year.

Rented places are economical for all

Coming into a big city, surely requires financial assistance from every source. A person has got several reasons behind his sudden relocation into a city so new, and that he needs some space to consider his chances of living in such a town, and spending sources in different aspects. Sudden relocation is due to something very urgent, and therefore, the pressure off that course also threatens the lifestyle of the person concerned. All of the dimensions to which the person is related cast their own significance over the person and force his attention to get diverted to several other aspects as well. Therefore, some of the certainly faced urgent needs are quite important to be satisfied as soon as possible, so that some pressure is off the head.

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Modern Turntables: A Blend of Analog Sound & Technology Features

Analog sound format has ever been considered best for music’s sake. There is nothing to argue because analog is still popular despite invading of digital sound format in the music world. Analogue undeniably is a format designed for humans and music lovers have always accepted this format since the time of advent of music. Music recording and sound reproduction was introduced long time back when analog concept was used. What we hear today is in analog sound format because digital is a technology which is used to give boost to music quality. Our audiogeekhubears are comfortable with analog format.

Analog sound format characteristics

You won’t say that analog is not acceptable because it is convenient and reasonable as far as its cost factor is concerned. It is easier to use and sounds pleasant compared to digital. Its durability is more. If you have ever listened a well-recorded long player (LP), you would realize why it is so enticing and why your ancestors used to play this music. Someone from new generation may not have experienced turntable music, but once listening to it creates recurring desire. You can enjoy this experience in some DJ party or nightclub where turntable music is a commonplace. You can know about them on https://audiogeekhub.com/best-turntables-100/.

Modern day turntables

Modern day turntables are not big gramophones or record players. They are rather compactaudiogeekhub devices with technology features and enhance glory of your shelf. You don’t need too much space to store them and don’t need to maintain them. The vinyl disc is, however, sensitive and it needs gentle care because scratch can damage. You can enjoy unlimited music without efforts till you handle your LP records carefully. Popping noise in LP records is a natural thing, but it has a special charm for music lovers.

How to buy

You will definitely love to buy a modern turntable for your home, but best would be to read reviews on latest available models. You can visit audiogeekhub site to read online reviews and access to online buying guide to effect purchase of some good model.

Important things to learn about online installment loans

Out of the many loan options are the online instalment loans. This is an easy way of getting loans. Whether it is a small or a big amount, you can avail it from online instalment loans. One of the main advantages of online installment loans are that it is easily approved is also very fast. If you are in need of fast money then this could be the best option for you. There are several top direct lenders online who are known to provide online installment loans. Make sure you choose the right company or lender to apply for your loan.

online loan companies

Things to learn

Before you apply for an online installment loan, you should know the following things about it. In case if you are looking forward to applying for an online installment loan you can get a number of top direct lenders online.

  1. An installment loan is known to come in handy. If you are in urgent need of a loan when applying for an online installment loan could be the best option for you.
  2. When it comes to applying for an online installment loan, your state where you reside is a big factor. That’s because you need to reside in the same state where the online loan product is offered.

  1. The repayment amount and installment schedule of your loan may vary from state to state. It may also vary depending on the policies of the lenders.
  2. An installment loan company should be licensed from the state where they are operating. Having a license is very important for these companies to operate.

So if you are in need of a fast loan then you can easily get hold of top direct lenders online and apply for an online loan companies

Give New Looks To Your Place

Time changes everything, except the real antiques in life. Venetian blinds are one of those, that doesn’t fade away with the passing of time. You can simply rely on the same old choice, even today and get it installed in your house. The looks offered by the quality blinds are quite unique and attractive, as it used to be few decades ago. You would not find any reason to have second thoughts, before you finalise to get it fixed in your favourite rooms to enhance the looks of your place. It would be an added advantage for you to get the admiration from your guests and loved ones.

The best part of installing the timber venetian blinds fixed at your home is to get the maintenance managed very easily. Since it doesn’t require you to keep cleaning the set up every now and then. Apart from this, it is very easy to get the blinds clean with the easy steps suggested by the experts at the time of fixing. So that, you do not have to face any kind of complications at the later stages of using the product in your house. You can simply use the suggested remedies for cleaning.

The blinds sold by the reliable and trusted suppliers are protected from the outside temperature to the major extent, so that there is no chance of the blades getting melted or tilted in the hot weather. As it is being processed in the highly challenging and tested conditions, to offer you with the most appropriate quality with the higher standards of the industry. In order to make sure, that you are into the process of choosing the most counted product of the market. That would provide your place with the better looks and you, with the safe and enhanced experience.

How to Use the Best Weight Loss Diet Plan

What’s an overweight? There is no specific weight beyond which an individual should be considered an overweight or obese. It depends on some factors such as age, gender, height and weight. Body weight is sometimes determined genetically. The scientific definition of optimum body weight is contained in body mass index (BMI). The charts drawn for BMI categorize individuals into three categories: underweight, normal weight and overweight, based on BMI range specified in the chart. BMI is an individual’s weight in kilograms divided by his or her height in meters squared. Thus, BMI considers factors like age, gender, height and weight.

Achieving long-term BMI goals

A conclusion is drawn from the discussion in previous paragraph that BMI is the perfect parameter to determine the body weight to confirm whether someone is an overweight or not. If a right parameter is used to determine the body weight, then it becomes important to use the right method to reduce the overweight. This means that only effective weight loss plan can work well to achieve long-term weight loss goals.

What are specific period diet plans

Scientifically, the sustainable weight loss is an effective weight loss and this can be achieved by following the right plan. Most weight loss plans are diet plans designed in different ways. For instance, 2-week diet, 3-week diet, one-month diet or it can be any period. The period doesn’t refer to restricting of a specific diet for the mentioned period, but it tells about weight loss achieved during this period. It needs to be resumed thereafter for further weight loss until normalcy is achieved.

Selecting the right weight loss diet plan

Read 2-week diet review to understand basics of this plan. You can also read reviews of other plans and compare them with 2 week diet. You can select the plan which appears to be the best among all. The important aspect to be considered is that a plan should guarantee optimum weight reductions which can be sustained for longer period after refutation from the plan.

Mandatory steps to follow while playing online games

When you decide to play online games on 918kiss, you may have to follow certain steps and these become important as there are a lot of people who are already into virtual gaming. When you are playing online games on 918kiss there are rules which has to be followed in order to become successful. Mentioned below are the mandatory steps that you must follow when you get introduced to the online games.

  • Check with your friends

Friends are one of those reliable sources who would be able to help you with the right kind of website links and also the games which can make you an expert in online games. Your friends would have already started playing these games on scr888 and they would even have some reference code with them which can be provided during the time of registration for those games.

Hence, this is one of the steps which have to be followed without fail when you are planning to register for an online game.

  • Read the instructions clearly


Online games are hosted on websites and every website would have their own terms and conditions. Reading all these things can help you figure out which is the best one to register. If you find the right one after doing an extensive research then, you are half through in mastering the art of online gaming.

One must read all the details present on the website and in case of any confusion you should never hesitate to get in touch with the staff from the gaming team. These people can help you with a lot of things which can make you play the game effectively without any hurdles. These are some of the important dos when you decide to play online games.