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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, Rabbi with a Difference, Dies At 67  

A very few people in the current world had control over the Jews population as Yechiel Eckstein had in his lifetime of 67 which was recently cut short on 6th February. A journalist in his description of rabbi said he had similar command on Jews as the Jesus had.

The man who tried to make a difference: The famed Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein dedicated his entire in improving the life of the mass Jews population through his various organisations. The man was an Israeli American rabbi who succeeded in most of his goals with more than of controversy throughout his life. He worked for more than three decades to improve the life of his fellow Jews residing in America.

The healing touch

Rabbi Eckstein

The work of International Fellowship of Christian and Jews:  In his attempt to protect the interest of his descendants and also to make them financially reliant he set up an organisation called International Fellowship of Christian and Jews or IFCJ in 1983  with its headquarter in Jerusalem.

It’s believed the organisation raised as much as few billions of dollars to save the Jewish population in dire need of financial assistance. In several of his interview, Rabbi Eckstein never hesitated to share how his organisation got the donations from people.

IFCJ and beyond

The success of IFCJ and other successful campaigns: Most of the money came from small, generous donations from the evangelicals residing in the States. Before Eckstein, no one dared to walk down this path as the two faiths had a lot of mistrust between them and the Eckstein was successful in sorting those differences out.

His organisation was a grand success as the organisation helped to support Holocaust survivors to impoverished Israel citizens and the IFCJ reviews provide a seal of approval that the organisation was making a difference in the distressed mass of Jewish people. The other successful and a much-publicised campaign of the rabbi were ‘On Wings of Eagles‘, and its goal brought back the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel.