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The Birth of IFCJ and How It Went To Make a Difference in the Life of a Jew

The torture Jewish community faced in the hands of Nazis over the years is known to all of us. Even after the world war, a large number of Jewish people were still suffering from poverty and rehabilitation issues until IFCJ swooped in to help them out.

The birth of IFCJ

The fellowship started by Rabbi Epstein often regarded as one of the best programs which worked for the betterment for the Jewish people victimized in the hands of Nazis. The IFCJ reviews solidify the fact that the fellowship program was a grand success in reaching to a large number of people of this particular race.

Epstein started the program when we felt that a large number of people needed help to overcome their obstacles in having a better life. In recent times, a campaign got started which ravaged the goodwill of the program and people began to have a question Is IFCJ a good charity whose goal was to help the Jewish community.

Who states whether a charity organization is good?

We often have a misconception that all the charity organizations are meant to be dedicated to charitable purpose only, but unfortunately, all of these organization are not designed similarly.

A third party assessment called Charity Assessment gets done which provides a rating to different non-profit making charity organizations. The IFCJ rating as provided by these Charity Assessment states that it is one of the most reliable and genuine charity houses which tirelessly worked to bridge the mistrust between the Christians and Jews.

The verdict of the Third-party Assessment:

The IFCJ ratings as declared by BBB Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator is ‘standard is met’ and the other house rated the organization 81 out of possible 100 which is quite good in comparison to other homes. The third-party assessment also states that the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews is one of the well structured and law-abiding group of the current lot dedicated to the betterment of human civilization.