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IFCJ: Achieving Milestone of Charity Through A Partnered Mission

No one is stranger within the community. Every community supports its members, but sometimes two communities may be partnered to better serve larger population. The organization specific to any community or a venture of two communities sometimes operate on national as well as international level. The prime objective of these ventures is benevolence, to help poor and needy people for their upliftment.

Mission of charity

IFCJ ratingFor better knowledge on this subject, it is recommended to read IFCJ reviews. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, known by its abbreviated name IFCJ, is a renowned organization that work for the cause of charity. Mission of charity is observed in almost all religions, but Jewish and Christian communities did great job in serving their communities. There are too many Jewish and Christians across the globe. The Christians are widespread, but Jews have made their existence in many parts of the globe. IFCJ ratingMany people in these two communities struggle to meet their basic needs for survival because they don’t have enough financial potential to run their family. The example of underprivileged Jews is those living in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

IFCJ: The reviews

Is IFCJ a good charity? The organization which is operating on international level has great objectives. The partnership of the Christian and the Jew communities also makes it a good charity. Yet another milestone achieved by this organization is establishment of IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline. The objective of this new development is to serve a heavy number of penurious elderly Jews across the FSU through for their desperate needs of food, medicine, and medical care. It’s not only a milestone but also a vow of $52 million spending over four years. This will enhance IFCJ rating.


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a great example of charity. The past IFCJ ratings also form an evidence of its operational efficiency and great service to mankind.

What You Need To Know About Charity Rating?

You know what does charity mean but do you know about its rating and IFCJ reviews?

Well, most of the charities have a common role to play and that is work for the welfare of the underprivileged children and IFCJ. But not all charities are the same and to differentiate them from one another it is required to look at their ratings. Well if you do not know or do not have any concept about charity rating then make sure to go through this article and do not miss out any line to get complete guidance of it.

ifcj ratings

Understanding charity assessment

Charity assessment is a parameter that helps to distinguish which charity is performing well; rather it helps to identify who is doing well from the rest. Charity assessment has been known to be one of the most important tools that aware the consumers about when it’s time to give IFCJ rating.

BBB wise alliance and charity navigator

The above section has discussed about charity assessment in detail which is recommended to be one of the powerful tools in determining the charity rating. Apart from it two other tools that have got a lot of work to do when it comes to charity IFCJ ratings is BBB wise alliance and charity navigator. Both of these tools promote high standard of conduct that seeks contribution from the individuals.

ifcj ratings

Charity plays a crucial role in our society helping the needies with all essentials. But it is to be kept in mind that not all charities are same and to figure out the best they have been rated as well. The above section has helped you to familiarise with the parameters that has been extensively used to know who are effective with their work.

Hope this article helped you to know is IFCJ a good charity or not.

Is IFCJ A Good Charity? Let Us Know How

The journey which began 36 years ago when Rabbi Eckstein founded an organization with a motive to bridge the gap between Christianity and Jews to help the latter in and around the world. Eckstein shared his thoughts on how the organization and its vision are foreseeing its efforts made towards the target project in the IFCJ Reviews.IFCJ rating

What does it do?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), popularly known as The Fellowship was born as a political and social help to provide for the basic needs, educational as well as informational needs of the Jews while protecting the community from the misery in Israel and other parts of the world.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

With more than 1.6 million Christian donors, 400+ projects and over a billion dollar funds raised to help Israel and the Jews, The Fellowship shows its compassion for the Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union as well.

The organization has two headquarters set in Chicago and Jerusalem. While its methods involve raising funds among its partners and from donors, it uses the charity for the welfare, protection, safety, providing food in over 200 cities around the world. It protects Jews from the threat of Semitism and terrorism.

IFCJ Ratings

With 36 years of noble deeds, determined efforts and constant awareness among the Christians to stretch their helping hands and come to the aid of the Jewish community, The Fellowship is also known for its in-depth Reports, Financial reporting and transparent policies.IFCJ rating

Charity Navigator gave a 3 star IFCJ rating accounting for its Financial as well as accountability score. Its numerous projects, programs such as Aliyah, Poverty and Security and initiatives are all devoted for religious freedom in Israel.

There are many Christians all over the globe who intend to offer help and aid to the suffering Israel and Jewish people but have no clue how. IFCJ is perhaps the best medium to fulfil your noble wishes and come to one’s much needed rescue.

IFCJ Ratings: The Different Programs Operate Under Its Banner

Many people have over the years questioned about the authenticity of IFCJ and asked Is IFCJ a good charity? People asking such questions need to go through testimonials of countless Jews who have benefited by the programs conducted by IFCJ all over the world.

The Wings of Israel program for example, has helped with immigration of Jews to Israel from countries such as Soviet Union as well as Europe as well as Arabian countries. There are certain IFCJ ratingscosts incurred while resettling these Jews coming from the exodus. Everything is taken care of by this organization and that explains high IFCJ ratings too.

Short term and long term needs

The basic needs of the Israelis are taken care of by IFCJ and food is provided by systems such as soup kitchens.  Food as well as medical assistance, apart there are loads of long term needs that are addressed by this organization.

The housing as well as family care needs of a lot of people who want to start a new life, is IFCJ ratingslooked after by this organization. New jobs are given to people, so that they can take care of their whole family. People can now have a brighter future by the help of IFCJ.

Peace and security

Different rallies that are organized here are really important in raising awareness about plight of the Israeli Jews. All the Jews need to have a right of existing peacefully with other communities around the world. The IFCJ rating that you will find in different financial websites, will tell you what good work is being done by these people.

Raising awareness

Most of the world perceives the Jews as an oppressed community. Different facts about people from this community will help in establishing why they need help from all over the world. IFCJ reviews also tend to get rid of any biases that people may hold against the Israelis.