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Yael Eckstein Admits that There are Real Roadblocks

As the person who leads ‘International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ)’, Yael Eckstein mentions that the organization has achieved a lot during the last 30-years yet there is more room for improvement. One can get the feeling that it can be tough to relate between two Yael Ecksteindifferent sects and the organization has worked in that direction during the period. It has also helped the needy people who want attention, children and elderly at times of war along with soldiers who contribute so much for their motherland. However, the work is not so easy as being told yet an honest beginning in that direction has been made. There is also an admission of the fact that roadblocks are still certainly there but those challenges are being met by the Fellowship each day. Some interesting points are mentioned here.

  • The shared identity has been helpful – Yael Eckstein says that IFCJ has been helpful in bringing to the fore the shared values and understanding between the Jews and Christians. People have been better informed than ever before and a sense of trust has built betweenYael Eckstein the two communities. People of both faiths have realized that working amongst themselves can be quite productive and beneficial and that has been quite an achievement for the Fellowship. These words coming from the leader of the fellowship can be very encouraging for people of both the communities.
  • Christian donors can be a source of resentment – At the same time, Yael Eckstein maintains that there are certain sections of Jewish people who still resent taking life-saving aid and help from Christian donors through IFCJ’s initiatives. She goes on to add that these are the real challenges that are still to be overcome by the Fellowship. There are certain areas that still need focus and IFCJ is working in that direction.

The honest approach and handling of matters by IFCJ deserve all credit and the young leader of the organization is turning out to be quite effective for many of its programs.