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Some Important Facts Regarding Partzilla Shipping

All packages come up with tracking number, there are no chances of getting lost during shipping. Before expected delivery and after 90 days of expected delivery no complaints are entertained regarding the package misplacement.

Partzilla shippingOn refusal, one may have to bear the actual delivery charges and the charges required to send back the product in its original location, and duty charges if applicable.

To add any special instructions, one must call customer service. Special instructions are only allowed for rapid deliveries and are not applicable over orders of standard shipping.

Partzilla shipping is not liable for reimbursement for any delay in delivering orders due to mechanical issues and natural calamities.

On rare cases of lost or any kind of fault by postal carriers during the transient, the entire order will be replaced after elapsing of a definite time period. But it important that one must forward a duly signed letter to company mentioning that he or she never received that particular order. This is necessary for putting reimbursement application in the respective insurance company. Partzilla shippingon failing to do so one will be liable to produce charges for the replacement shipment.

Any type of fraudulent activities is a crime, one shouldn’t indulge themselves in these.

Rates for international shipping

  • All packages are delivered to the doorstep by local postal officials.
  • Rates of international shipping do not include PR, AK, GU and U.S territories
  • Shipping prices depend on the country and order value.
  • Additional charges of shipping may incur for heavy and oversized packages.
  • Partzilla shipping Surcharges regarding dimensions and weight limit varies county wise and type of carrier service.
  • Each item included in shipment bear tracking numbers.
  • Different carriers are assigned for international shipments, depending on the destination country.
  • Any type of import fees imposed by customs, brokerage, taxes and duties incurred will be the recipient’s responsibility.

Blake Orlandi’s Initiative has Been Very Well Accepted

As the COO of “Book of the Month”, Blake Orlandi has done a fantastic job so far in the sense that reading has once again become the ‘in-thing’. The company is into the subscription e-commerce business of novels and reading materials that can be read across all types of customers and into different age groups. The way in which the company has carried its operations so far reveal that there is considerable focus on each type of reading preference so that a reader can get many types of subjects from the company. A lot of attention is provided to attract new customers who can enjoy the offerings of the company.

The COO has his task cut out as many areas are exclusively dealt with by him. To get a glimpse of the duties, some of them are detailed here.

  • Handling a team with diverse profiles – Blake Orlandi has a team of 45 people under him who work in different divisions ranging from marketing, business intelligence, product, design, operations, etc. Handling such a diverse team is no easy task and hence there is always something or the other that may need his attention at all times. However, it also means that he is in charge of the complete operations happening within the organization and therefore everything is in control under him. That also helps in planning the execution in a proper way.

  • Many things to be kept in mind during the promotion – To promote books to subscribers may not be easy at all times and many things may have to be kept in mind. An offering has to be interesting, engaging, and certainly affordable so that customers can derive value out of it. The task of Blake Orlandi is to keep all these facts in mind while coming up with the promotional aspects.

The organization has been growing rapidly since its launch that only goes on to show its acceptability in the market and the efforts of its team.