All You Wanted To Know About Roberto Casula

Many of you must have heard of Roberto Casula. He is a corporate lecturer and presenter, based in Cagliari. He represents his company ENI. He is an engineer by profession and had joined ENI in 1988.

His Work life – Roberto Casula

He started his career from Italian Oil Fields. After which, he moved to West Africa on the ranks of Chief Development Engineer. Then he came back to Milan in 1997, and joined as Co-coordinator of Business Development.

He has an impressive career line up, in which he has occupied many hugely successful roles, like that of Senior VP, Executive VP and Chief Development Officer in few of the best companies across the globe.

Interview ExcerptsRoberto Casula eni

When asked about his humble beginnings, Roberto Casula ENI has said that after his graduation, he was interested in working in overseas countries. He did not want to be tied down to one avenue. He wanted explore various opportunities across the globe. He always wanted explore different cultures, technical and non-technical advancements in society and wanted to implement them.

His involvement in the oil and gas sector, traces back to his roots a Reservoir Engineer. He was always interested in energy-related matters. When asked about the earnings, he has said that his remuneration has always been goal-driven. According, to him an enhancement in self-esteem is the greatest reward, one can earn in his career.

Attributes to Success

He has attributed his success, to be present at the right place, at the right time. He has owed his success to his mangers.

He is a firm believer in gratitude.  Saying ‘Thank You’ to whoever has contributed in any manner has been an important [part of his career. He likes to spread his wings, far and wide and believes in continuous expansion. He is a firm believer of hard work.