Book of the Month Club: Pioneer Then Is Pioneer Now

It seems amazing when someone talks about Book of the Month Club. The Club was founded in your grandma’s time and served three generation successfully. The present generation may not be familiar with the concept of book club or may not feel comfortable to visit a book club, but this is still a feasible approach to access the new releases.

New face of Book of the Month Club

The profile of book clubs has changed because a pace wth time is required for survival. The Book of the Month Club, a pioneer of book distribution and marketing, also faced setback in the metamorphizing scenario, but the efforts of its CEO John Lippmann changed the decades old traditions of this legendary book club. The club was relaunched in late September 2015 with a new approach and new attitude. The 90-year-old mail-order book sales history has been masked by the new changed setup. The Club now focuses more on future, forgetting the controversial past.

BOTM’s relaunch

The Book of the Month Club is still the same company as was established 93 years ago, but new people and new CEO John Lippmann have different approach for both present generation and future members. The new team understands that people believe in online technology. The changes made in past couple of years have appealed BOTM members, and membership base has also widened in these years. This change can be accessed since the time of relaunch of Book of the Month Club in 2015.

A pioneer then is pioneer now

The period of less than four years and focus on leveraging technology to deliver incredible member experiences online was the idea of John Lippman that is successfully implemented in Book of the Month Club that has directed the Club to the road of progress. The Club was pioneer in 1926, and is pioneer now without a doubt. The company’s executives now focus on priorities than on traditions.