“Book of the Month” has Been Highly Successful

Since the time “Book of the Month” started out as a subscription commerce service, it has seen its business soaring to great heights under the able leadership of its CEO, John Lippman. The model of the business is such that people can get their favorite novels sitting in the comfort of their home and enjoy a reading session.John Lippmann

Avid readers have highly been benefited from the initiative and looking at the company’s success, many new startups have also happened recently. But it is also a fact that the way in which the organization has carried out its business thus far shows a certain level of maturity in its operations. The same is also reflected in the way John Lippman carries out its operations to date. Some of the highlights of the company and its CEO are mentioned here for understanding.

  • It has been hiring consistently – Looking at the company’s pages, it can be seen that the firm has consistently encouraged quality manpower and has also invested massively in it. That is also a reason why one can see vacancies for quality posts in the organization at many times. This has also been amplified by John Lippman a couple of times so that there is no discrepancy on it. The move has also meant that more people have been associated with the firm that has helped in improving its offerings to a large extent. Departments like sales, operations, HR, quality, etc, has seen good recruits in recent times that has only helped in improving its deliverable.
  • Women are highly solicited – The company is very specific on its goals, and one of them is related to women who are very much solicited for different roles. The company is very clear that women play an important part in the formation of a healthy society and hence their contributions cannot be neglected. Therefore, many roles are offered to women in the organization and many women-centric books or women-authors are given preference in its operation as well as subscriptions.

Under the able leadership of its CEO, the firm has surely scaled newer heights.