Bringing Innovation and Cleanliness in the Energy Resources by Roberto Casula  

In the corporate sectors of oil and mining industries, Roberto casula is a name everyone must know of. He was one of the brightest students born at Cagliari in 1962. Studying and graduating with mining engineering as his core subjects, he started to work in an innovative and corporate sector at ENI.

The Italian oil fields brought him his first job as the chief development engineer on the West African soil but soon returned to Milan being one of the coordinators of developing business in for the Middle East and also Africa.

Why such kind of a job?

Upon being asked why did he choose this kind of a job, all he had to say was, Roberto Casula always dreamt of working abroad which would enable and expose the man of honour to multiple cultural diversities and also allow his to learn and process through how the different people all around the world function. He also wanted to bring a change in the environment for what he is now most famous for.

What is the secret of his success?Roberto casula

He has always started off from the right place and at the right time. With the global dependency on the power energy resources uprising, Robert had planned on contributing something that would not only benefit the people but also help the environment to work and function properly.

He formulated the idea of cleaning and refining the oil that has been distributed worldwide further so that the overall emissions of the energy resources is minimised.

Roberto casula Eni set an example in the mining industry worldwide

He gives us the reason, why to choose such kind of industry. Working on something which drives the whole world and to bring a change in what is also damaging the world due to overexploitation is a huge contribution to the industry as a whole.

Working under a well-established company, Roberto casula Eni has proved to be one of the most honourable men in the year.