Cordial Relationship Lasts Longer

Concept Of Brotherhood

During the establishment of IFCJ, the founder of the organization introduced the most innovative concept of brotherhood. That became the basis of the functioning of the organization, in order to make sure that the differences between Christians and Jews can be minimized as soon as possible.IFCJ

The reason behind the approach is to bring both the communities in cordial terms, with the long-lasting peace and unique relationship. That can easily serve as a foundation of the better tomorrow and strong society, without any chances of disasters occurring.

The working of IFCJ is completely focused on the advantages, offered to the deprived and weak groups of the society. Since the conditions of the surroundings were so deplorable when the organization was established. That is aimed to uplift the maximum number of people, from their worst fate and sufferings. Along with the planned steps, the organization also worked sincerely to bring Christians and Jews together in peaceful ways. So that the distress can be brought to an end, ultimately.Since it has turned the life of masses, upside down.

Dedication Is Important

IFCJ has been working with all the strength and the capacities, just to ensure the better living of each and every group effected with the war. That is the reason they followed the direct path, for bringing the people to safe places and providing them with the bare necessities of their life. Due to the war, most of the people faced a shortage of food and medical aid. That became the focal point to be met, by the followers and active members of the organization. The areas of work targeted were Israel and some of the parts, in the Soviet Union largely. That was not easy, but achievable with the high level of enthusiasm for social support.