Global Exposure Contributes To Success

During the times of emergency, the instant decision and effective planning always pay in long term. The reason for the progression for the majority of the countries lies in the wide reach of concept to the masses successfully. Yael Eckstein is one of the leading politician, who is well aware of her duties and designation. Since the beginning, when her father founded IFCJ she remains conscious about the working principles of the organization. That always focused on the bright tomorrow of the poor people, in different ways.Yael Eckstein

Quality Of Leadership

Yael Eckstein belongs to the family, where his father died working for the uplift of human beings in distress. She knows the value of humanity, more than anything else in her life. Her role is quite unforgettable, in the field of the same. She has been the partners on a global level, to express the conditions of the Jewish community facing the pressure from all over and getting neglected of the daily needs. Like her father, she has also made people aware of reality through strong communication mediums such as Television and Radio. She has even addressed various social platforms, for the promotion of the suffering communities.Yael Eckstein

Promotion Of Oppressed

Carrying forward the legacy of IFCJ, Yael Eckstein has been following the same steps to bring the suffering groups and individuals to the minimum level of living. In order to ensure the normal life standard is achieved by everyone; irrespective of the location, community, religion, practices followed, locations lived in, trade or profession carried on. Along with other factors, she tried to plan the movements in a way to bring life back to track for the survivors and war victims. Not only serving in her present office, instead of supporting the social causes that require urgent attention.