IFCJ: Achieving Milestone of Charity Through A Partnered Mission

No one is stranger within the community. Every community supports its members, but sometimes two communities may be partnered to better serve larger population. The organization specific to any community or a venture of two communities sometimes operate on national as well as international level. The prime objective of these ventures is benevolence, to help poor and needy people for their upliftment.

Mission of charity

IFCJ ratingFor better knowledge on this subject, it is recommended to read IFCJ reviews. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, known by its abbreviated name IFCJ, is a renowned organization that work for the cause of charity. Mission of charity is observed in almost all religions, but Jewish and Christian communities did great job in serving their communities. There are too many Jewish and Christians across the globe. The Christians are widespread, but Jews have made their existence in many parts of the globe. IFCJ ratingMany people in these two communities struggle to meet their basic needs for survival because they don’t have enough financial potential to run their family. The example of underprivileged Jews is those living in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

IFCJ: The reviews

Is IFCJ a good charity? The organization which is operating on international level has great objectives. The partnership of the Christian and the Jew communities also makes it a good charity. Yet another milestone achieved by this organization is establishment of IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline. The objective of this new development is to serve a heavy number of penurious elderly Jews across the FSU through for their desperate needs of food, medicine, and medical care. It’s not only a milestone but also a vow of $52 million spending over four years. This will enhance IFCJ rating.


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a great example of charity. The past IFCJ ratings also form an evidence of its operational efficiency and great service to mankind.