IFCJ Ratings May Help the Organization to Cement Their Legacy In The Future

The IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christian and Jews is one of the most popular fellowship programs who worked tirelessly over the years to bring the two communities together in similar Is IFCJ a good charitybiblical ideas. Rabbi Epstein started the fellowship program in his youth days to help the Jewish community who were victims of several unjust treatments over the years.

In spite of all their works, people may question “Is IFCJ a good charity?” The number of fraudulent activities involving charity firms has increased to such a point that some measures were needed to monitor the activities of these organizations. The need for an independent third-party assessing firm was the ideal solution that will review the actions of these firms, audit their financial books and finally rate them based on their efficiency.

The ratings provided by different assessing firms:

The IFCJ reviews done by several assessing firms like BBB, Charity Navigator and most recently Charity Intelligence Canada rated them highly and provided some rave reviews for their efficient handling of different matters.

The IFCJ ratings provided by BBB and Charity Navigator provided them with scores on the Is IFCJ a good charityhigher side of the scale. The CIC graded them in the C category which is quite good considering how stringent the rules are when they review such organizations. The IFCJ rating provides a seal of approval that the work done by the fellowship program for the Jewish community is worth appreciating.

The work done by IFCJ:

The assessing firms in their report stated that out of every dollar a person donates for this particular fellowship, sixty-eight cents are used for charity works and the rest gets to spend in organizing fundraisers and paying off other expenses like employer’s salary and stuff.

The program did some notable job in helping the Jewish people getting relocated to Israel from the Soviet Union. The other notable work they have done over the years is providing financial assistance to the Holocaust survivors with monetary support to food and shelter.