IFCJ Ratings: The Different Programs Operate Under Its Banner

Many people have over the years questioned about the authenticity of IFCJ and asked Is IFCJ a good charity? People asking such questions need to go through testimonials of countless Jews who have benefited by the programs conducted by IFCJ all over the world.

The Wings of Israel program for example, has helped with immigration of Jews to Israel from countries such as Soviet Union as well as Europe as well as Arabian countries. There are certain IFCJ ratingscosts incurred while resettling these Jews coming from the exodus. Everything is taken care of by this organization and that explains high IFCJ ratings too.

Short term and long term needs

The basic needs of the Israelis are taken care of by IFCJ and food is provided by systems such as soup kitchens.  Food as well as medical assistance, apart there are loads of long term needs that are addressed by this organization.

The housing as well as family care needs of a lot of people who want to start a new life, is IFCJ ratingslooked after by this organization. New jobs are given to people, so that they can take care of their whole family. People can now have a brighter future by the help of IFCJ.

Peace and security

Different rallies that are organized here are really important in raising awareness about plight of the Israeli Jews. All the Jews need to have a right of existing peacefully with other communities around the world. The IFCJ rating that you will find in different financial websites, will tell you what good work is being done by these people.

Raising awareness

Most of the world perceives the Jews as an oppressed community. Different facts about people from this community will help in establishing why they need help from all over the world. IFCJ reviews also tend to get rid of any biases that people may hold against the Israelis.