Mental Health Humiliation among Blacks and African American

February is the month of Black History celebrated across the United States and Canada, so this article will celebrate the Black History month by discussing mental awareness among the black communities. Basically, in the black populations, there is always a negative disgrace about mental health. Instead of adopting strategies to treat mental health conditions or seeking the help of psychologists, often this society resorts to the wrong path and eventually gets addicted to drugs and alcohol.

frocentric.comThis is apparently a really pathetic situation and most cases lead to self-destruction. However, many awareness programs are conducted through events that aim to help them solve problems. For instance, an event marketplace promotes events that focus on improving their emotional well-being.

Evidence and studies reveal that black has grown up in a culture that “men are not supposed to cry”. Therefore in order to mask their depression and anxiety and their inner emotional pain, they become victims of drugs and suffer more mental disorders. Apparently, Frocentric through their events, try their best to bring awareness among the black communities and help them vocalize their anguish and pain to close family and friends.

frocentric.comAccording to the Minority mental health reports, it is evident that among the black community population, around 20% of people likely to suffer serious psychological problems very much higher when compared to whites. Another shocking report says that due to racial discrimination and humiliation in middle school and high schools, many black teenagers take a hasty decision of either homicide or committing suicide unable to bear the emotional challenges.  In addition, many turn into victims of serious violent crimes.

Bottom Line

Although many awareness programs are created by many event planners like Frocentric, yet people should come forward to open up their mental challenges.