Modern Turntables: A Blend of Analog Sound & Technology Features

Analog sound format has ever been considered best for music’s sake. There is nothing to argue because analog is still popular despite invading of digital sound format in the music world. Analogue undeniably is a format designed for humans and music lovers have always accepted this format since the time of advent of music. Music recording and sound reproduction was introduced long time back when analog concept was used. What we hear today is in analog sound format because digital is a technology which is used to give boost to music quality. Our audiogeekhubears are comfortable with analog format.

Analog sound format characteristics

You won’t say that analog is not acceptable because it is convenient and reasonable as far as its cost factor is concerned. It is easier to use and sounds pleasant compared to digital. Its durability is more. If you have ever listened a well-recorded long player (LP), you would realize why it is so enticing and why your ancestors used to play this music. Someone from new generation may not have experienced turntable music, but once listening to it creates recurring desire. You can enjoy this experience in some DJ party or nightclub where turntable music is a commonplace. You can know about them on

Modern day turntables

Modern day turntables are not big gramophones or record players. They are rather compactaudiogeekhub devices with technology features and enhance glory of your shelf. You don’t need too much space to store them and don’t need to maintain them. The vinyl disc is, however, sensitive and it needs gentle care because scratch can damage. You can enjoy unlimited music without efforts till you handle your LP records carefully. Popping noise in LP records is a natural thing, but it has a special charm for music lovers.

How to buy

You will definitely love to buy a modern turntable for your home, but best would be to read reviews on latest available models. You can visit audiogeekhub site to read online reviews and access to online buying guide to effect purchase of some good model.