Quality of E-liquid for Safety in Electronic Cigarette

What we usually hear that e-cigaret is completely safe, but how far this statement is true. No doubt, electronic cigarette is not harmful like a traditional cigarette smoking as it doesn’t emit e-væskehazardous smoke, but this doesn’t mean that it is completely harmless. In medical terms, safety has a different meaning. Anything is considered absolutely safe, if it doesn’t cause any harm to your body. However, we can say that electronic cigarette is quite safer compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

Vapor inhalation and toxicity

The high streets in countries like UK and some other countries in European region see an emerging trend of e-cigaretter, but without a knowledge that this way of smoking or better say inhalation of vapor can also be harmful. There are many advantages of electronic cigarettes that cannot otherwise be derived from traditional cigarettes, but risks always prevail, whether you smoke or inhale. Inhalation of either smoke or vapor directly effects your lungs because whatever inhaled is absorbed in lungs and cause toxicity of some type. Toxicity is a major factor in destruction of body tissues and to cause serious health conditions.

Liquid quality in electronic cigarettes

Traditional way of cigarette smoking is quite harmful. We can’t actually measure the extent of damage caused by vapor inhalation through electronic cigarette, but risk can be reduced to a great extent by the quality of e-væske used in electronic cigarette cartridge. Vapor inhalation is safer comparted to smoke inhalation, but most safety of electronic cigarette is affected by the quality of liquid used for inhalation. Any ordinary cheap quality liquid won’t work well in an electronic cigarette. You may get pleasure of inhalation, but would be inhaling toxicity through vapors.


Electronic cigarette is not absolutely safe, but not as bad as traditional cigarette. However, you can derive great advantages of using electronic cigarette by using good quality safe liquid for vaping.