Roberto Casula – consultant cardio surgeon


            Roberto Casula is the consultant cardio surgeon at the well known Imperial College NHS trust in London. He has been serving as the consultant since 10 years. He graduated from padova University, Italy in 1989. After his graduation, he took training in the UK in Cardiothoracic surgery and organs transplantation. Mr. Casula has been able to successfully operate more than thousands of cardiac patients after completion of his first open heart operation in 1990. He is considered as the pioneer of bother the minimal access cardiac surgery and robotic enhanced.

Robotic cardiac

Roberto Casula

            He is responsible for the robotic cardiac programs for the Imperial College. The robotic enhanced and the minimal access surgery means the provision of number of benefits and it also includes the minimum amount of scarring. The procedure is appreciated as it has less pain and you need to make use of minimum amount of pain killers. It also includes the reduced amount and chances of the infection after operation. The blood transfusion rates also reduce after operating. Moreover, the mobilization is done in quickest manner and it also increases the emotional recovery and physical recovery after operation.

            Roberto Casula has qualified from the well known padova university and he became the leader of the robotic enhanced as well as the minimal access surgeon. He performed his first surgery of bypass without opening chest in 2002. After the success of his first surgery, he operated successfully on 135 patients using the minimal access technique and robotic techniques. When Mr. Casula is operating, all the patients require a coronary bypass are operated without the usage of cardiopulmonary bypass machines. The off pump technique is used which allows the surgery to be done without stopping heart. Minimum risk of surgery is experienced with these techniques.