Role of Visualization Technologies in Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a safe procedure, but the success of robotic systems depends on visual accessibility of a cardiac surgeon. Robotic surgical systems have further advanced the field of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). They are a staple in operating rooms. A surgeon can conduct in-depth procedures in more precise manner. The skill of a surgeon is needed but robots also get a word of appreciation for their legerdemain. Robots don’t work on their own because computer-assisted tools help a robot to perform its functions. A robot is programmed specifically for cardiac surgeon through programming techniques.

Technologies in surgical robotic operation

Robotic technologies are quite advance to use by only skilled surgeons like Dr. Roberto Casula, but their physical stamina has no relevance in robotic surgery. It is mechanical stamina of a robot and the brain of the cardiac surgeon that work together to use this advance robotic technology. Advance visualization technology is an important factor in operation of robots for surgical procedure. Surgical robots miss a sense of touch, the haptics, but they get this touch.roberto casula

Benefits of visualization technologies

The visualization technologies offer great benefits to the cardiac surgeon. Robotic systems largely rely on visual cues. An enclosed tissue in the body can’t be stretched without an incision, but a surgeon like Roberta Casula know how to stretch this tissue using 3-D magnified models. These models increase visual ability and make it easy for a surgeon to hit a right target more efficiently. The stability of unopened tissue offers more convenience to a surgeon to perform the operation.roberto casula

Robotic surgeon and visual technology

The 3-D visual effect lets a surgeon to feel like directly operating on an operation table, though his hands are not working with knives. The surgeon moved robotic arm with 2-D and 3-D visualization technologies offered in robotic systems. It is a teleoperation performed by highly skilled surgeons like Roberta Casula which is far more advanced compared to a conventional surgery.