Subscription Commerce of Blake Orlandi, COO, Book of the Month Club

What’s the most important factor for a business to flourish? A business cannot depend on just one thing for absolute growth, but at least one factor is most important and that’s marketing. A business enterprise cannot think of sustenance and growth in the competitive world without efficient marketing practices for which it is necessary to understand business marketing needs. Apart from usual marketing practices such as advertising campaigns and other marketing activities, a focus on participation in marketing conferences, expos, and conventions is especially desired.

Subscription commerce: A business model

Business magazines and online platforms display information about top business marketing events scheduled in on various venues in different cities and countries. The best way to participate in these events is to plan well in advance and make contact with event organizing agency. You can get ready information about events through subscription commerce, a simple business model in which customers pay a subscription fee by selecting a certain periodicity and they receive a product delivered to them on a recurring schedule. Hear from subscription commerce genius Blake Orlandi, COO, Book of the Month Club about SUBCOM, one of the top 2018 marketing conferences.

An expert in subscription commerce

Your business may pertain to any industry, but your main goal is always same as that of others’. You can be helped by the experts of subscription-based commerce, like Blake Orlandi, one of the key people of the Book of the Month Club. This company is helping businesses since 1926. The club operates a subscription program, where customers select a membership plan for a set period of time.

Why the Book of the Month Club for subscription commerce?

Why the Book of the Month Club is popular? Blake Orlandi, a key figure in this subscription-based commerce company is Harvard Business School graduate and holds good command over business marketing. He is a business expert and worked on leading positions in various top organizations. You can achieve gains for your business from his knowledge.