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Kroger Feedback Survey & Its Objective

A prime goal of every business is to please its customers because customers are important components to generate sales that eventually cause success of the business. A business, therefore, can’t grow or expand without its customers.

Satisfied vs dissatisfied customers

Satisfied or dissatisfied customers are equally important to devise company’s policies and plans for growth and expansion. If a company has more satisfied customers, it’s an indication of positive progress, but more dissatisfied customers is an indication of deficiencies that must be removed for which necessary measures should be taken. Satisfaction is okay, but here are no parameters of dissatisfaction because there may be several causes, valid or invalid, of customer dissatisfaction.

Relevance of dissatisfied customers

The business shouldn’t ignore views of dissatisfied customers because these are more important from the perspective of improvements needed in products and/or service rendered to customers. This has more relevance in consumer-based services. Think of a company which is customer-focused!

Kroger has mission of customer satisfaction

The name of Kroger is relevant to mention here because this is one of the largest chains of supermarket stores in North America for over 135 years having satisfied customers. Kroger is the parent name of business, but there are over two dozen subsidiaries of Kroger that operate on a same mission of customer satisfaction, like a parent company Kroger.

What is Kroger feedback survey?

How Kroger interacts with its large network of customers distributed across nearly half of the United States? The important aspect to discuss in this context is Kroger feedback survey which helps Kroger to understand its loyal customers. The survey is a type of open invitation to customers to express their views on Kroger products and service. Kroger rewards its customers for talking time to participate in feedback survey because it is very important for the company to understand both positive and negative views of its customers to operate business successfully in long run. This is the reason why Kroger business has sustained successfully for more than a century and still progressing.