The Legacy on the University of Alabama

Founded in 1831 as the state’s flagship university, University of Alabama is a student-centered research university and academic institution in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  They are known for its state of art and interdisciplinary methodology to learning. One of the great aspects about this university is, it offers hands on curriculum to prepare the graduates for tomorrow leaders.

Students who graduate from this university certainly have an amazing experience not only with their majors rather in all facets of their career. Alabama class ring is one of the wonderful ceremonies that takes place for the University of Alabama students and alumni.

All about the University of Alabama

It is one of the largest university in the state of Alabama and campus size is about 1000+ acres. The academic pattern involves semester type. Students pursuing an education in this university emerge as top-notch and serve as exemplary employees across nations. In the latest best edition of top universities, University of Alabama topped among many national universities.  So, students at the University of Alabama can go anywhere in the nation. It is perhaps the main criteria why students travel far and wide to come and study here. Whatever major you pursue in this university, it will certainly take you to the pinnacle of success.

There are over 200-degree programs for both bachelors and master’s degree. You can choose the program of your choice and excel in the industry that passions you the most. Students who have completed 60 hours of studies can be a part of the university of alabama rings ceremony, a significant event held in the presence of family and friends.


If you have plans to apply to this prestigious university, it is important to know the application process and eligibility criteria to be part of the institution.