The Work Roberto Casula Did At Eni Is Nothing Short Of A Fairytale

The name people associated with the oil and gas industry most commonly hear while talking about innovation at Eni is Roberto casula. The man from Cagliari who started his journey from the oilfields in Italy rose to the much coveted Executive Vice President’s role in one of the leading names of the industry.

The beginning of Roberto casula’s journey:

After completing his graduation from the University of Cagliari in Mining Engineering, he joined the Eni that year itself in the position of reservoir engineer.roberto casula eni

The man was meant for bigger things in his career and through his exceptional work lived up to his potential. The job he did on behalf of Eni at Italian oilfields promoted him to the position of Chief Development Engineer in Africa. In 1997, he returned to his motherland as the person in charge of business development in Africa and the Middle-Eastern region.

In 2001, he got promoted to Project Director of one of the massive project in the African region till date. Once he oversaw this gigantic project, it opened the doors for Roberto casula eni Board of Director’s room. In the period 2004 to 2005, he held several managerial positions and finally in 2007 he got promoted to the position of Senior Vice President responsible for overseeing the business in the African region and Middle Eastern region.

In 2011, he got further promoted to the role of Executive Vice President extending his previous position to the entire African continent including the development program of the Mamba and Mozambique.roberto casula eni

Present day:

Currently, he holds the position which deals with day to day operation and implementation of new technology to improve the profit on behalf of the company. Recently, a corruption allegation was made against him that forced him to take a sabbatical from his job for a short period.