There has Been a Phenomenal Growth for

For the co-founders of, the growth of their business seems to have taken them to a new level of confidence so that there is no fear now of introducing effective changes. It’s co-founders, Yatin Patel and Mahesh Chaddah have done all the hard work and established the brand in the market that has been highly accepted throughout the world. Reservations.comThey are scripting new rules in the game so that the website is being highly used for making all types of hotel reservation, car rentals, and group bookings. Since its inception in 2014, the website has constantly kept pace with its growth and enjoys a very comfortable position in the sector. The growth of the portal can be summarized through the following points in a better way.

  • Numbers tell all the story – The website has simply captured the imaginations of the people and that can be proved through the sheer numbers that stand testimony of it. Since 2014, the Orlando-based website has been used by more than whopping 1.5 million travelers around the world. Reservations.comThe portal has tie-ups for hotel booking with more than 1,50,000 hotels worldwide so that there is a lot of choices available for all visitors to the site. In addition to all this, more than two million rooms have been booked through the site that points to its resounding success.
  • There is a passion that keeps it going – After looking at these mammoth figures, one can surely see that the world has taken note of this wonderful hotel and car booking site due to which it has made big strides in the sector. But behind the figures, it is the hard work, belief, and passion of its co-founders that have made it happen within such a short time frame. The self-reliance and directed approach have helped the website realize the success that it has received till date.

Looking at its wonderful run, it can only be said at this point that the website will keep its success going and offer more products in the future that can be helpful for customers.