Things to check before you give car on rent

Of course, it is not just the customer who would have their preferences all the time even the as a company should make sure to set certain things straight for the customers who come to them seeking their assistance for car rentals.  Mentioned below are the things that are to be checked by them even before they hand over the car on rental to someone.

  • Genuine customer

As the customer make sure if you are a genuine company or not it becomes your responsibility as a company to cross verify the credentials of the customer too. If the customer is not genuine then, you may end up in loss.

  • Payment has to be made

Remember to atleast get partial payment done even before handing over the car keys in the customer’s hand because some of the customers would not even have made the payment and they may simply walk upto you asking for the car.

  • Explain the terms and conditions

You must also explain the terms and conditions to the customer because there might be some hidden clauses from you as a company and only when you explain all these things would the customer also be careful in handling the car.

  • Get the consent of the customer

Most of the customers would raise questions during the time of payment. In order to avoid a situation like that get a written consent from the customer along with their signature so that all the process would become hassle free.

  • Extra payment in terms of damages

You must also make sure to tell them that you would be charging them extra without any mercy in case if the car isn’t returned in the same condition while they had rented.