Thoughts on the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Since the beginning, there has always been a conflict between Christian and Jew. Jesus is the Messiah of Christianity even though Jesus himself being a Jew. Jewish do not believe Jesus as a God or a holy being, IFCJ reviews they believe the connection between Abraham and The God. IFCJ reviewsWhen Israelites were slaves in Egypt, God of Abraham delivered freedom from slavery. Hence they believe in what they call as the actual God. The conflict about Jesus between two religions has been encountered since the beginning of Christianity. It was common previously to have rights or fights between two religions cutting their numbers short eventually. Thus both the religion suffered a lot.

Implementations are done by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

IFCJ reviewsIn the year 1983, Yechiel Eckstein founded an organization naming it Holy land fellowship of Christians and Jews, whose sole goal is to build a cooperative and understanding relationship between the two communities. It has built huge support for the State of Israel. Headquarters are in Chicago and Jerusalem. In 2006 the name of the organization changed to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The organization itself has an independent board of directors, it can be either Christian or Jewish or both to support the people in Israel. One of the main functions or objectives of the organization is to bring about the balance between Christian and Jew. During the conflicts, the religion which suffered the most is Judaism. Most of the Jews were killed during the reign. He asked his followers to remove all the Jews that comes in their way. Since then the Jewish community has been depreciating all along. Israel country suffered the most out of all the countries because the population of Jewish in Israel was more and it had the most effective after Jewish were killed.