Titanium Tubing: Good Choice Due to Low Density, High Strength & Corrosion Resistance

The planet earth is vast and has abundance of natural resources in its womb, many of them have been discovered, but some of them might still be unexplored. We make use of these naturally occurring elements in real-world applications. There are few elements that have more of less common properties and can be used in similar applications, but we choose some over other due to better performance. titanium tubingTitanium is an example of an element that can be transformed into metallic form and is used in similar application for which iron or steel was earlier preferred.

Replacing steel by titanium for tubing

There is a valid reason to replace steel by titanium in many applications. This is due to superior properties of titanium metal. This metal is lighter and stronger than steel, and also has strong corrosion resistance. This is the valid reason to replace steel tubing by titanium tubing. Titanium applications for tubing are quite common in in industrial, medical, manufacturing, aerospace, and military sectors.

Titanium’s Corrosion resistance good for tubing

Why titanium is better in performance over steel for tubing applications? titanium tubingNo doubt, properties of titanium are unique, it can be easily molded into any shape and form due to good malleability and ductility. Most tubing applications are meant for flow of liquid substances, many of them can corrode the internal surface of the tube, and can cause damage to it. But using titanium tubing is a safety due to high level of corrosion resistance of this metal. Titanium tube is specifically used in applications that involve contact with liquids. This is quite common in underwater tubing such as undersea applications, submarines, etc.

Titanium’s low density and high strength for tubing

Titanium’s application for tubing is beyond doubt because titanium’s use in process equipments such as process vessels, valves, tanks and heat exchangers is as good as underwater applications. There are more applications that make titanium tubing a good choice not because of corrosion resistance but because of low density and high strength.