Using Accutane Alternatives for Severe Acne Treatment

Severe acne, thankfully, is not all that common. If you take 100 cases of acne issues, chances are, most people are going to be in the middle of the curve or on the lower end of the curve.

This means that most people, when do they have acne breakouts, tend to have mild or moderate cases.

It’s fairly rare to see somebody who has a really bad breakout. In other words, they look like a living, walking, talking, breathing pizza face.

I know that’s kind of a funny image, but there’s really no other imagery that does justice. I mean, their whole face basically breaks out. We’re talking about red splotches, red patches, and all sorts of infections. And it looks and feels really, really bad.

Given this statistical distribution, it is no surprise that most acne treatment solutions currently on the market tend to be topical. In other words, when you suffer a breakout, you just deal with it at that point in time. It doesn’t really take much effort. It really doesn’t take much planning.

Most of these products involve a collection of acids and benzoyl peroxide. But with that said, depending on your skin’s sebum control levels, you might have to step up to something more heavy duty. A lot of people do not like this because there are serious consequences depending on the type of option you take.

For example, if you are the type of person who develops severe acne, chances are, your skin is infected. When you look at the typical acne breakout, you would notice that the white spots are actually white blood cells. These are your dead white blood cells that are fighting off an infection. In other words, your skin already got infected and your body’s immune system has stepped up to the fight.

Antibiotics, in most cases, have to be part of the picture. But as you can well tell, using Accutane or other solutions have more than their fair share of side effects. If you are pregnant or capable of getting pregnant, Accutane is pretty much off limits. This, in turn, seriously limits the available alternatives you have.

Thankfully, there are Accutane alternatives that you can try to maximize recovery. It really all boils down to the severity of your outbreak, your lifestyle, as well as your ability to stick to these acne treatments over an extended period of time.