What are the goals of IFCJ?

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews the charitable organization that is gaining huge prominence in the charitable world for the unique program activities that it is undertaking every year. This organization is building betting relationship between the Christians and Jews across the globe and are helping the Christians in Israel.

IFCJ reviewsThis charitable organization would be receiving funds from the Christians globally. These IFCJ reviews people will use it for distributing food, medicine, blankets and clothing for the elderly and children who are the victims of the war and terrorism attacks. They are also fighting poverty and Semitism. In addition, they are offering job training to immigrants of Israel.

So, if you want to donate funds to this organization, you would need to check the IFCJ reviews that are given by the donors who have already donated funds to them. These people will give pros and cons of this non-profit organization. After going through the pros and cons you can decide on whether or not to donate funds. This organization was founded in the year 1983 by Rabbi, along with 11 Board of directors.

IFCJ reviewsInterestingly, less than 10 percent of the people working in the charitable organization would receive salaries. Most of them would offer free service to this trust.  The main objective of this firm is to cooperate whenever possible and oppose when it is necessary. The board of directors working in this organization is mostly belongs to Jews and Christian communities.

As per the IFCJ reviews, here are a few goals on which this charitable trust is working upon

  • Educate both the communities, i.e. the Jewish and Christian community and impart each other’s values and faith to each other community.
  • Help the emigrants of Jewish and eradicate poverty in the Soviet Union
  • Offer ways for Christians to shower their love and support to the people of Jewish and Israel